Doctoral Program

PhD in Education

PhD Program in Education is meant for change leaders who are astute enough to make a huge impact in current education system and make positive change to make it more effective and result oriented. The program helps students gain the most relevant experience, knowledge and skills required to bring in the needed change in our existing system.

The program is delivered through a blended learning mode. You can enroll and choose your own time and pace to transform yourself into a global leader in education without having to compromise your work time and personal time.


Program Specification

3 years

Master Degree from a recognized University [Relevant specialty is desirable

  • Prepares you to lead positive change and improve student achievement
  • Gain Knowledge on advanced theory and practice in educational research
  • Collaborative curriculum development, Global, Social and cultural contexts of Education
  • Develop an attitude of Professionalism by inculcating dedication, commitment, accountability & professional ethics.

  • Educational Leadership
  • Educational Technology
  • Language and Literacy
  • Distance Learning
  • Teaching Pedagogies in Science [Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology]
  • Environmental Education
  • Women Education
  • Instructional Designing
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Primary Education
  • Adult Education
  • Early Childhood Education and care
  • Special Education
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Physical Health Education

Trimester Subject Code Subjects Credits
I PhDE101 Adult and Childhood Learning Theories 4
PhDE102 Educational Psychology 4
II PhDE103 Curriculum Studies and Teacher Education 4
PhDE104 Advanced Educational Technology 4
III PhDE105 International Education 4
PhDE106 Teaching-Learning Pedagogies 4
  PhDE1BR Book Review 2
  PhDE1CP Capstone Project 2
  PhDE1RP One Week Residency Program (2 Mandatory out of 3 programs per year) 2
IV PhDE201 Outcome Based Education 4
PhDE202 Educational Management, Planning and Finance 4
V PhDE203 Research Methodology 4
PhDETW Thesis Work(Guide Approval, Synopsis Submission, Synopsis approval) 4
VI PhDETW Thesis Work – Term Report  
  PhDE2RP One Week Residency Program (2 Mandatory out of 3 programs per year) 2
VI PhDETW - Thesis work Submission and Viva-Voce examination 
- Research Publication 
- Participation in E-Conference
  PhDE3RP One Week Residency Program (2 Mandatory out of 3 programs per year) 2
    Total Credits 90

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