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What are Texila-Zambia’s accreditations?
Approved by the Higher Education Authority (HEA), Ministry of Higher Education Zambia Approved by the Health Professions Council for offering medical programs and healthcare programs
What are the enrolment requirements?
HPFP - O/A Level with minimum of C grade or better in Biology, Physics, Chemistry English & Mathematics. Age must be below 30 years. MBChB / Nursing - 'A' Level in Cambridge International School or Diploma in Health Science / Bachelor of Science
Do you offer scholarships?
Yes. Please contact our Student Counsellor team for more details on the scholarships via
Are the Lecturers employed on a full-time basis?
TAU Zambia employs both full-time and part-time lecturers.
I will not be able to arrive at the start of the semester. Can I defer the offer to another semester?
Yes. You can defer to another semester. Tuition fees would be charged as per the structure during the time of acceptance.
Does the campus offer accommodation?
Yes, we do provide gender specific accommodation. Our accommodations are located 10 minutes away from our main campus.
Do you offer bursaries?
No. TAU does not provide bursaries
Has the university got transport to shutter students from hostels to university?
No. TAU falls under the supervision of HEA & HPCZ
Does the university offer shuttle service for students from the hostel to the university?
Yes. Please contact our Student Affairs department for more information on the transportation charges.
How many graduations has TAU-Zambia conducted so far?
TAU Zambia was established in 2017 and our first graduation is expected on 2023
What are the chances of employment upon graduation from TAU-Zambia?
Upon completion of the program, students are advised to write the local licensing examinations in-order to qualify for work in that particular country. Licensing examinations vary from country to country.
Can I transfer to study from Guyana campus and are the fees the same?
Yes. Please get in touch with our Registrar office for more details
What is the TAU-Zambia’s ranking among other universities in Zambia?
TAU is ranked as TIER 1 private Medical School in Zambia
Does the university have any entertainment and sports facilities?
TYes, we offer both indoor and outdoor sporting facilities.
Can I transfer credit for a previous study from a different university?
Yes. In-order to check your eligibility, kindly share your transcripts via for validation.
Can I pay my fees via instalments?
Yes. Please contact our Student Counsellor team for more details on the payment options.
I am a mature student - do I still qualify for the course?
Yes. Please contact our Student Counsellor team for more details on the age limit for our various programs.
Where is the campus located in Zambia
The TAU-Zambia campus is located along Lake Roads, Near Choppies Super Market, Kablonga. Our PO Details are as follows: Texila American University (TAU) Plot No: 37605, KPTF Office Park, Lake Road, Lusaka, Zambia. Telephone: +260 971 269480