Are you a Carer, Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist? Join our Healsoul.

Texila American University empowers students to develop innovative solutions to complex health challenges, including chronic and communicable diseases. Our MPH program is designed to ensure that students are capable of creating a healthier environment in their society. We prepare our students to understand, analyse, and lay the groundwork for a healthier tomorrow.

year Duration

MBChB / science graduates with Biology, Physics, Medical Social Work, Nutrition, and Chemistry / Allied Subjects.
B.Sc. in Social Work, B.Sc. in Home Science, B.Sc. Pharmacy, BDS, B.Sc. in Physiotherapy

Structure of the program

Year 1 30 Credits
Introduction to Public Health 4
Health Policy and Management 4
Global Health 4
Capstone – I 2
Environmental Health 4
Social & Behavioural Health 4
Health Economics 4
Capstone – II 2
Article Review 2
Year 2 32 Credits
Applied Research 4
Project Management 4
Infectious Diseases 4
Optional Courses
Public Health Nutrition
Advanced Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Health Promotion & Education
Maternal & Child Health
Research Work Dissertation & Defence 16

Selection Factors

Students to Texila American University (TAU) are selected on the basis of their academic, personal, and extracurricular abilities. Each student will be assessed based on the educational background, age, and intended course of study. Additionally, students must have the intellectual, physical, and emotional capacities to meet the requirements of a successful medical career.

TAU-Zambia’s intensive medical program requires students who are intellectually and emotionally prepared to take on the stress of studying medicine with a view to becoming global doctors.

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What Do You Gain?

Learning Outcomes
Graduates of our master’s in public health program will be prepared to:

Monitor and assess primary healthcare
Apply public health processes crucial situations
Evaluate and respond to public health challenges
File and maintain necessary public health records
Conduct community health advancement activities
Apply critical thinking faculties in public health aspects
Research, plan and manage community healthcare needs
Analyze and synthesize primary and secondary information to identify intercessions required in public health

Career Opportunities

Over the past decade, careers in public health have gained significant importance and armed with a master’s in public health; one can opt for several jobs, including but not restricted to the following:

Research Analyst
Public Health Analyst
Health & Safety Worker
Community Health Evaluator
Disaster Management Counsellors
Public Health Policy & Strategy Coordinator
Public Health Project Coordinators & Managers

Further Study Opportunities

Upon graduating from the Master of Public Health program, one can opt to further their academic knowledge by pursuing a Ph.D. in Public Health.


Adamson Mukhalipi

Mr. Adamson Mukhalipi

“TAU’s flexible payment plan is extremely helpful & online exams help you pursue your course without leaving your hometown.”

Mary Odokua

Ms. Mary Odokua

“It was an awesome experience being with Texila which had helped me to become a successful doctor today”

Iquo Okon

Ms. Iquo Okon Williams

“I am proud to identify with Texila American University as a student because the standard is high, & its technological advancement.”