Is Business program right for me?

Blend of International Faculty

Advanced Learning Management System

Industry based guest lectures

Internship placements

Being part of the Future Business development

Why Texila American University Zambia Business School?

  • International rated teaching methodology
  • Lecturers from Industry in conjunction with Texila American University faculty staff
  • Internship in India, Malaysia and UAE
  • Credit transfer into UK universities & Local Universities
  • Leadership and entrepreneurship development Centre
  • Soft skill training opportunities
  • Case studies and capstone based training
  • Entrepreneurship club membership
  • Internship opportunities
  • Industry networking opportunities
  • Opportunities for linkages for sponsorship and scholarship for certain areas of business training
  • Possibility of research grant accessibility
  • Idea Incubation Centre

The best in this business

  • Transforming the lives of students from the largest country to the youngest country in the continent, we have touched upon more than 90% of land base with our Edu Transformative programs
  1. African aspiration for a Global Degree yet African
  2. TAU Alumni across Africa are the leaders and problem solvers
Global Degree yet African
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