Health Professionals Foundation Program (HPFP)


The Health Professionals Foundation Program at TAU-Zambia is a foundation program that has been designed to prepare students for the MBChB course. With a strong footing in natural sciences, behavioural sciences and medical terminology, the course covers the fundamental concepts of medical sciences.

Our HPFP program is a 12-month full-time program that encourages students to think and learn beyond conventional methods and aims to shape their future as healthcare professionals.

year Duration

Grade Twelve School Certificate or GCE with 5 credits or better, four of which must be English Language, Mathematics, Biology and Science.

Structure of the program

Semester 1 21 Credits
Biology - I 4
General Chemistry - I 4
Organic Chemistry - I 4
Physics - I 4
Mathematics - I 3
Professional Development - II 2
Semester 2 21 Credits
Biology - I 4
General Chemistry - II 4
Organic Chemistry - II 4
Physics - II 4
Mathematics - II 3
Professional Development - II 2

Selection Factors

Students to Texila American University (TAU) are selected on the basis of their academic, personal, and extracurricular abilities. Each student will be assessed based on the educational background, age, and intended course of study. Additionally, students must have the intellectual, physical, and emotional capacities to meet the requirements of a successful medical career.

TAU-Zambia's intensive medical program requires students who are intellectually and emotionally prepared to take on the stress of studying medicine with a view to becoming global doctors.

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Mr. Chinyerezi Kepenya Alumni Student of Texila

Mr.Chinyerezi Kepenya

"My Experience with Texila American University has been very good. The modules are updated & educative. Good Learning Platform."

Mr. Adamson Mukhalipi Alumni Student of Texila

Mr.Adamson Mukhalipi

"Flexible Payment Plan is very helpful and Online Exams allow you to pursue without leaving your hometown."

Ms. Mary Odokua Alumni Student of Texila

Mary Odokua

"It was an awesome experience being with Texila which had helped me to become a successful doctor today"

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