Bachelors degree in Information Technology

Texila American University’s Bachelor of Science in Information Technology prepares you to succeed and be competitive in the rapidly evolving field of IT, enabling you to acquire valuable knowledge and hands-on skills in the latest technologies sought by employers worldwide.

Our bachelor of information technology enables you to advance your knowledge with a focus on experiential learning led by highly qualified mentors with decades of experience in the Information Technology sector.

We strive to deliver world-class education to enable our students to craft their unique career pathways. TAUs Information Technology courses in Zambia are one of the most in-demand bachelor’s degrees with an extensive curriculum that includes programming, software development, information systems, database development, computer networking, operating systems, and more. We also focus on strengthening your core business attributes like project management, business communications, group dynamics, and organization skills,

Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology enhances your critical thinking and enables you to provide rational solutions to complex issues seamlessly integrating technology, business, and management aspects. It also exposes you to the social, ethical, and policy dimensions of technology in every facet of business and society.

Our bachelor of science program will help you jumpstart into the IT landscape with the essential learnings and skills preparing you for a thriving career in the areas of web and mobile computing, security, cloud computing, data management, software systems development, software systems analysis, artificial intelligence, or systems administration.


Years Duration

Five (5) O-Level credits or better; these must include English Language and Mathematics.


Years Duration


  • 3 years Diploma in relevant specialty from recognized university
  • 2 years Diploma in relevant specialty from recognized university with 3 years of work experience

* Certificate (6 months) + Diploma (1.5 Years) in relevant specialization from recognized university with 3 years of work experience in relevant sector (accepted case to case)

Structure of the program

Trimester Course Code Subjects Credits
Year 1
1 BIT1211 Fundamentals of Computers  18
BIT1212 Computer Organization & Architecture  18
2 BIT1111  Communication Skills 18
BIT1112 Principles of Management 18
BIT1511 Capstone Project 12
3 BIT1113 Introduction to Global Culture and Ethics 18
BIT1114 Basic Mathematics and Statistics  18
Year 2
4 BIT2211 Introduction to Operating System  18
BIT2212 Introduction to Database & MYSQL 18
BIT1512 Capstone Project 12
5 BIT2213 Installing, Configuring & Administration Windows Server 18
BIT2214 Introduction to Object Oriented programming & C++ 18
6 BIT3222 Installing & Configuring Wi-Fi Network 18
BIT3223 Understanding Client Server Network 18
BIT2511 Capstone Project  12
Year 3
7 BIT2215 Java Programming 18
BIT2216 Spread Sheet Modelling & Analysis  18
8 BIT3221 Specialization Course-1 18
BIT3233 Specialization Course-2 18
BIT2512 Capstone Project  12
9 BIT4232 Specialization Course-3  18
BIT3111 Research methods 18
Year 4
10 BIT4231 Specialization Course-4  18
BIT4221 Specialization Course-5  18
BIT3511 Capstone Project  12
11 BIT4222 Specialization Course-6  18
BIT3513 Article Review  6
12 BIT4511 Project Work  36
Total Credits 480


BIT3221 Computer Hardware and Digital Electronic System
BIT3222 Installing & Configuring Wi- Fi Network
BIT3223 Understanding Client Server Network
BIT4221 Introduction to Data Sciences
BIT4222 Developing Digital Identity
BIT4223 Enterprise Information and Storage Management
BIT3231 Audio Video Processing
BIT3232 Computer Vision
BIT3233 Open Sources Technologies
BIT4231 Advanced Web Programming
BIT4232 Date bases for Web
BIT4233 Open Source Software Applications
BIT3241 Introduction to Forensic Tools & Technique
BIT3242 Introduction to Security Technologies
BIT3243 Computer System Security
BIT4241 Malicious Software & Security Programming
BIT4242 Design of Online Communities
BIT4243 Computational Journalism

Selection Factors

Students applying to Texila American University (TAU) are selected on the basis of their academic, personal, and extracurricular abilities. Each student will be assessed based on the educational background, age, and intended course of study. Additionally, students must have the intellectual, physical, and emotional capacities to meet the requirements of a successful career in their respective fields.

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What Do You Gain?

Learning Outcomes
Graduates of our BIT program will be able to:

  • The students will be able to apply knowledge of computing and mathematics appropriate to the discipline.
  • The students will be able to identify, analyse a problem and define the computing requirements appropriate to its solution.
  • The students will be able to function effectively on teams to accomplish a common goal.
  • The students will be able to understand professional, ethical, and social responsibilities.

Teaching Methodology

  • Total 16 weeks in the Trimester (2 courses per trimester)
  • 4 Modules Per Course, 3 Units per Module & 6 (5-7) Chapters in each Unit = (4*3*6)= 72 Chapters
  • Instructional hours through University Campus: Per course 14 hours (2hrs x 1days x 7 weeks)
  • Suggestive Lecture Duration: 1 Module in two Classes (2 hrs per class/ per week)
  • (Live Lectures – Other than Lusaka Students will receive the transmission of the weekly lectures at the Facility Centre or LMS platform (as per the availability) and shall also have the privilege to join at TAU Campus for any ongoing class at their convenience)

Academic Delivery and Assessment

  • On-Campus program is delivered in Semester pattern and On-line mode of program is delivered in Trimester/Block pattern.
Assessment per Course Weightage
Formative (Internal)
3 MCQ Tests for each Module.

Total Module – 4

Summative (External)
Final Exam (50 MCQ) 60%
Total 100%

Career Opportunities

Many opportunities exist in the expansive field of Information Technology nationally and globally, some of the career opportunities are as follows:

  • System Analyst
  • Programmer
  • Database Administrator
  • MIS Specialist
  • Computer Support Specialist
  • Hardware and Network Expert

Further Study Opportunities

The bachelor’s of information technology program paves the way for further academic pursuits as well. One can pursue several master’s programs such as:

  • M.Sc. in Computer Science
  • M.Sc. in Information Technology
  • M.Sc. in Strategic ICT Leadership
  • M.Sc. in Information Engineering



What are the Major skills required for Information Technology (IT) Professionals

Analytical Skills
Problem Solving Skills
Critical-thinking skills

Who are the faculties of Information Technology (IT) Programs at TAU Z?

Our faculty members bring rich educational backgrounds and field experiences to their teaching and mentoring roles. All of them have been trained at excellent institutions, and each of them is actively involved in cutting-edge research on critical problems.

How accessible are the faculty to the students?

Faculties are there to support students throughout their journey to discuss academic issues. Students will also have an opportunity to interact more closely with faculty through their Learning Management System (LMS) platform.

What is the Pattern & Mode of delivery of Information Technology (IT) Program?

Our IT Program is Online Blended Learning mode through the Learning Management System (LMS) platform and TAU Z follows Block Pattern.

How TAU Z helps students build their profile to take on the world as young leaders and entrepreneurs?

1. Earn While You Learn – Students get an opportunity to contribute to the school and earn in the process.
2. Students get hands on business, Leadership, Organisation, and entrepreneurial experience
3. Helps students to implement the best decisions in critical business situations.
4. The students will be able to foster sound fiscal practices through analysis of financial statements and establishment of accounting procedures to ensure effective managerial decision making.
5. Case studies, Book reviews and Article reviews help the students to develop their learning ability by enhancing their knowledge.
6. Research work would enhance the student’s knowledge regarding the real time scenarios of business across the globe

How is TAU Z different from other Information Technology Schools?

1. TAU Z delivers the program through its Learning Management System (LMS) and encourage students to complete assessments & lectures via online without any residency classes
2. Pedagogy meets with current diseases making our students Ready from Day 1.
3. Our Infrastructure is at par with the best in Zambia
4. TAU Z has attracted international students & Faculty within SADC regions giving you a truly International Experience

What kind of job can you get with an Information Technology (IT) degree?

Technical Architect
IT Project Manager
Database Administrator
Network Security Specialist
Software Developer or Programmer
Business Systems Analyst
Network Administrator and many more.

What is the Scope in Future for Information Technology (IT) Programs?

IT Programs will not only restrict you to corporate jobs, but it also has an immense scope in the government sector as well. Popular recruiter of IT graduates includes Apple, Amazon, Dell, HP, etc. With the reputed job roles and opportunities in almost every sector, the IT scope in the future is bright

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