Bachelor Program

Bachelor of Information Technology

Texila's Bachelor Program in Information Technology gives you foundational IT skills and thorough knowledge in basics. Further, the program helps you earn seven recognized industry certifications which will strengthen your chances for a long-term career progression. As businesses are becoming more technology oriented, the opportunities for skilled IT professionals are on the rise.

Texila's knowledge-rigorous program will place you ahead of your peers in your career. With knowledge and skills gained through the program, you can embark on a successful professional journey as an IT specialist.



4 years (Part-time)
2 years (Part-time or blended learning mode)

  • 4 years for ‘O’ level or Pre-University with relevant stream
  • 2 years for Diploma holders in relevant stream

  • Outline the changes that Information Technology makes in the workplace
  • Define the characteristics of information in a business organization
  • Discuss the stages of informed decision making in business
  • Outline the importance of software and database in information systems design

  • Network Administration
  • Cyber Security
  • Technology Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Intellectual Property Rights

Trimester Subject Code Subjects Credits
I BIT101 Fundamentals of Information and Computer Technology 4
BIT102 Programming and Problem Solving through C Language 4
II BIT103 Internet Concepts 4
BIT104 Networking for Home and Small Business 4
III BIT105 Introduction to Database Management Systems 4
BIT106 Operating Systems 4
  BIT1PA Practical Assignments 2
  BIT1CP Capstone Project 2
  BIT1RP One Week Residency Program (2 Mandatory out of 3 program per year ) 2
IV BIT 201 Computer Organization & Architecture 4
BIT 202 Introduction to Object Oriented Programming & C++ 4
V BIT 203 System Analysis and Design 4
BIT 204 Management Information System 4
VI BIT 205 Data Structures and Algorithms Analysis 4
BIT 206 Fundamentals of E-Commerce 4
  BIT 2PA Practical Assignments 2
  BIT 2CP Capstone Project 2
  BIT 2RP One Week Residency Program (2 Mandatory out of 3 program per year ) 2
IV BIT 301 Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning 4
BIT 302 Computer Graphics and Multimedia 4
V BIT 303 Web Designing 4
BIT 304 Financial Management 4
VI BIT 305 Java Programming 4
BIT 306 Open Source Technologies 4
  BIT 3PA Practical Assignments 2
  BIT 3CP Capstone Project 2
  BIT 3RP One Week Residency Program (2 Mandatory out of 3 program per year) 2
X BIT 401 Elective 1 4
BIT 402 Elective 2 4
XI BIT 403 Elective 3 4
BIT 404 Elective 4 4
XII BIT 4PV Bachelor Project and Viva voce Examination 12
BIT 4RP One Week Residency Program (2 Mandatory out of 3 program per year ) 2
    Total Credits 120

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